Intersections: Making Turns Cont'd

intersections making turns diagram

Let’s assume you are the red car in the diagram.  You want to make a right turn.  As you approach the intersection, you slow, move into the right lane, signal your intent to turn right, and come to a gentle stop at the intersection. You look all ways, and, finding the pathway clear, you gently turn right into the closest lane to you. 

Now, let’s assume that you are now the black car. You need to make a left turn. This is a much more hazardous turn. Can you see why? Study the diagram.

What are the potential hazards? Well, the car must cross the intersection and several lanes. If the blue car changes its lane position and turns too widely as it makes its right turn, it might impact the black car which is also moving forward. Or, as the black car enters the intersection, it may swing too wide or the yellow car may also swing too wide, and they impact each other. And, if the red car drives out of its lane or the black car swings too wide, they may strike each other. In short, there are more dangerous possibilities.

Sometimes such dangerous intersections reduce liability by using what is called a protected left lane.

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