Interior Controls-Ignition System

When you insert your key in the ignition and turn it to the “on” or “accessories” position, your dashboard will illuminate with warning lights and alert symbols to show you the available indicator lights. 


Maintaining your ignition system starts with your car battery. Although most modern batteries are “maintenance free,” you will still need to remove any corrosion from the battery terminals and make sure the cables are connected firmly. Brush the corrosion off with a wire brush or dissolve it by pouring a soft drink over it. Baking soda and clear, clean water also works.

Older batteries may require that you add water to maintain the battery. Check the battery once a month for an appropriate fluid level and add water when necessary. 

Your engine will monitor your electrical system through the engine control module or computer. The check engine light will illuminate if a problem is detected. These problems are best diagnosed by a certified mechanic. 


ignition switch
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