Freeways, Expressways, and Interstates Cont'd

Types of Entrance or Exit Ramps

Note the following patterns. Follow signage as you approach to understand how to enter each type of freeway entrance/exit ramp.

Deceleration Lane and Exit Ramp

We have learned that a weave lane is a dual purpose lane, allowing both acceleration and deceleration. Sometimes, you have separate acceleration and deceleration lanes, however. Deceleration lanes allow drivers to decelerate (slow down and leave) safely.  Look for advisory speed for the lane, then slow down in that lane. Check ahead and behind to be certain of traffic around you. Search for traffic control signs or signals and follow their direction. 

Remember: I-phones and specific applications (apps) have geolocation software and mapping programs that often can take you safely through steps to enter and exit interstates from area roadways.

entrance diag 1

Potential Problems

The Deceleration lane can be rather short, and, if a weave lane, there is potential for conflict if you do not maintain distance or pay attention to merging or exiting traffic. Pay attention to traffic signals.

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