Freeways, Expressways, and Interstates Cont'd

The term expressway is often used interchangeably with freeway. Both are access-controlled, where entry and exit are fully controlled by ramp. Expressways, as the name suggest, may have fewer chances to exit and are designed to move you quickly through to your destination. Obviously then, parking, stopping, loading, or unloading in express lanes cannot be tolerated.

Certain expressways do have interruptions we can call toll plazas. Because these are built with a combination of public and private money, they charge a fee, called a toll

Characteristics of Expressways

  • High Speed
  • Controlled access (entry and exit)
  • Divided by barrier
  • MULTIPLE lanes going in the same direction
  • Only for motorized vehicles
  • Limited and controlled access
  • Higher speeds (between 70 and 80 m.p.h.)
  • Designed to carry great volume of traffic quickly and efficiently
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