Evaluating Space Management and Risk

Assessing How Much Risk Is Too Much

Driving is a complex task, requiring the driver to manage many things at virtually the same time – emotions and mindset, hazards around you, direction you are going, your speed and safe driving habits. It is a lot! 

Let’s say you are leaving your home at 7:00 a.m. and traveling to yoga class at the gym five miles away. At any given moment, you are assessing risks around you, trying to determine how risky each driving decision you must make will be as you move toward your destination. What will you encounter along the way? Well, there are some things you can anticipate in the short term. These include: other motorists driving to work, school buses on the road, animals scurrying around, stray dogs running along the road, school children heading to the bus stop, and an elderly lady returning from an early morning grocery run.

There are also unanticipated risks you may not ever consider: drunk driver on the road, an aggressive driver weaving in and out of traffic and running a red light that results in a T-bone accident, a sudden storm, or unexpected water main break that re-routes traffic patterns. You must be prepared for everything!

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