Earning Your Virginia Learner's Permit

Drivers with a mental or physical condition which may impair their ability to safely operate a motor vehicle, even temporarily, must provide DMV with a medical statement from a doctor. Vision changes, seizures, impaired judgment, impaired motor function, and loss of consciousness are some examples of these conditions. A DMV employee will evaluate the medical information to determine if a license may be issued or restricted. Medical forms are available on DMV’s Web site, http://www.dmv.state.va.us. 

Males under the age of 26 must also register with Selective Service in order to receive a driver’s license. If under age 18, the parent or legal guardian must sign the application authorizing Selective Service to register the student when he turns 18 years of age.

If the applicant is under 18 when the learner’s permit is issued, the permit will remain valid until the applicant is issued a provisional driver’s license or turns 20 years old.  If the applicant has a visa, the permit will expire at the same time as the visa.  If there is no expiration date, the permit or license will be valid for one year.

The cost of a permit is $3.00 plus $4.00 for each additional year for the driver’s license.  If the applicant is under 18, the permit will expire on the 20th birthday.  After age 20, the driver license is valid for 8 years and expires on the applicant’s birthday.

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