Controlled vs. Uncontrolled Intersections

Controlled vs. Uncontrolled Intersections

Controlled intersections are regulated by traffic lights, stop signs, or yield signs.  Uncontrolled intersections may be 3- or 4-way stops. Four-way stops are also known as All Way Stops. The rule here is simple: whichever car gets to the uncontrolled intersection first, proceeds first after coming to a complete stop, looking all ways, and then proceeding when it is safe to do so. 

However, sometimes vehicles arrive at the exact same time.  When this occurs, the driver on the LEFT must yield to the driver on the RIGHT.  In other words, if you are stopped, and there is someone to your left, they have right of way.

Right of Way Law 

Right of way is not really a right or even your right to take when you see fit. To avoid accidents, right of way must be yielded (given).

Making Turns

Step 1: Follow rules for approaching intersections (see above).

Step 2:  Follow Right of Way Rules

Step 3:  Be in the correct lane to turn

Step 4:  Signal your intent to turn at least 100 feet or 3-4 seconds before the turn.

Step 5:  Stop on red or yellow, or proceed into the turn if you have a green light and if the pathway is clear.

Step 6: Proceed slowly. Do not turn too wide and cross over into another lane.


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