Consequences of Risky Driving

First, when you understand fully what the risks are, you can take measures to avoid the most costly ones. When a driver has a good grasp on the possible consequences of risky behavior, that person is less likely to engage in risk-taking or tolerate risky behavior from passengers.

Second, you are better able to respond to risky situations that do come up when you understand what the possible outcomes could be. You are more likely to pay close attention to the roadway and other roadway users when you understand what could happen.

New (novice) drivers are at a disadvantage here. Mature drivers better understand the risks involved with driving because they’ve been doing it longer. They also have a better grasp of their own human frailty. 16-year-old drivers have a crash rate over twice as high as that of 18-year-old drivers. Novice drivers in general are more likely to take inappropriate risks while driving than more mature drivers.

However, these statistics don’t mean you will take risks on the roadway. You are your own person, able to make good decisions. By cultivating an ability to assess dangers and the risks involved in various situations out on the roadway, you give yourself a much better chance at a safe driving experience.

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