Child Safety Seats

When Travelling with Children:

The safest place to install a child safety seat is in the center of the back seat.

Numerous child safety seat checks are held in localities across Virginia. Attend one of these checks to make sure that your child’s safety seat is installed correctly. Visit for more information.

Never hold a child in your lap. In a crash, the child may be crushed between your body and the dashboard or the back of the seat.

Make sure that all car doors are securely closed and locked before driving. If your car is equipped with a child safety lock, turn it on. Don’t allow children to play with door handles or locks. If you must open a door, pull the vehicle off the road and come to a complete stop.

Never allow children to ride in the luggage area of hatchbacks, station wagons, or vans.

Never leave a hatchback open when a child is riding in the back seat.

It is illegal to transport children under age 16 in the bed of a pickup truck, even if equipped with a camper shell.

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