A Virginia Driver's Manual Course (Online)

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This 8-hour course will help you learn and better understand the contents of the Virginia Driver’s Manual, with the goal of developing you into a safer, smarter driver.

By understanding and studying the Virginia Driver’s Manual and its contents, you will be better prepared for the knowledge test, helping you to earn your driver’s license.

The information contained in this course should be used as a general guide to the motor vehicle laws, but not as a substitute for the Code of Virginia, which contains the laws that govern Virginia drivers and vehicles.

If you are learning to drive, this course will give you information you need to study for the knowledge exam. If you already have a Virginia driver’s license, review this material for new laws or rules of the road.

Driving is a privilege, not a right. Your driver’s license carries with it a great responsibility to be courteous of other drivers on the roadways and follow state and federal motoring laws.

You can find the material covered in this course contained in the Virginia Driver’s Manual, which is available online at the Virginia DMV website, or at a local DMV customer service center. DMV also offers the Virginia Driver’s Manual in an audio format for Virginians with special needs. The audio version of the manual is available at the DMV website. 

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